SAT Prep

For many years, the SAT was seen as a basic requirement for getting into a good college. Today, it’s an optional choice. But it’s still a very important differentiator that colleges consider when deciding which students to admit and how much to award an individual student in scholarships.

Another significant change is that the SAT is now a digitally adaptive test – which means that if a student fails to score at a high enough level on the opening set of questions, the subsequent questions will be easier. However, that adjustment also means the overall score will be lower. Therefore, a student aiming to score in the higher levels must answer successfully from the start.

Diploma Dreams also includes a complete course in algebra, advanced algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and problem-solving. We provide complete instruction on the tested areas of Reading, Writing & Language, and Math, and also teach students critical strategies for SAT success.

Our program has helped many students achieve increases of 250 points or more over their PSAT score. Our tools include complete SAT exams and real SAT practice questions that provide instant feedback, helpful explanations, and videos that demonstrate how to effectively analyze questions and determine the most appropriate answers.