College Counseling - Our Approach

The Diploma Dreams difference is that we treat each student as a whole person. Our focus goes far beyond test preparation and essay writing to assure we become well-acquainted with the student’s interests, talents, and what they hope to accomplish in the years after graduation. We discuss various campus environments, potential majors, and possible career paths (along with the salaries they generate), all to find the best fit for each student's upcoming college experience and their life ahead.

Here is a brief overview of our one-to-one counseling process:

Initial Interview

The first step is a Zoom session with the student and their parents or guardians. This in-depth, yet friendly and compassionate discussion helps clarify goals, identify special talents, and gaining agreement on what all family members would consider a successful college experience.


We review each student's current transcript and assemble a list of prospective colleges that would be considered reach, mid-level, and safety schools. We also examine the SAT/ACT scores these schools tend to require of their viable candidates. This helps define academic and testing goals, which helps motivate the student to achieve them.

Determining Career Goals

It’s not surprising that most high school juniors and seniors are not yet clear on what majors they plan to take in college. We engage the student in a thorough exploration of careers they believe would fulfill their dreams, and match the best colleges with the right majors for supporting those interests.

Focusing Your Efforts

Diploma Dreams uses websites that directly notify specific colleges about a student's particular interests, which helps raise that student’s demonstrated interest score at those schools. We also share our winning resumé form, and discuss important activities and community service that appeal to the different schools.

Telling Your Story – Writing the College Essay

The essay is essential in helping a college get to know who you are and what special qualities you can bring to their environment. We help you express yourself and your passions in a creative and individual way that makes you stand out from the crowd in a way that appeals to the college’s admissions board.

Interview Insights

Whether conducted virtually or in-person, the student interview can have a significant influence on how a college views and responds to an applicant. We guide students through this process, giving them confidence in both their personal qualities and their ability to express themselves.

Winning Scholarships

College is costly, and students who earn scholarships dramatically reduce their financial burden. Our track record in helping students win scholarships is extensive, totaling over 7 million dollars per year.

Building Your Brand

In today’s competitive environment, the advantage goes to those students who know how to market themselves. We show students how to develop engaging personal websites, videos and presentations, and also share the keys to effective direct marketing. The end result is a well-rounded impression that presents the student in a powerful and positive light.